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Canvas Base insert...

The "Muse"

Feeling Inspired? Grab your Muse Canvas Base and start creating your perfect combo! She’s the ideal balance between utility and beauty.

Muse Tote Straps

The Tote Straps hold whatever you're packing with casual sophistication.  When you're ready to swap a new look, they can change out in seconds.

Muse Tote Covers

Our Tote Covers are 100% water-repellent nylon and easily swappable. The perfect companion for rain or shine, they sit at the intersection of function and fun!


Our Carriers are great for all the little things in your life. They hold lipsticks, tampons, wires, doggy bags, you name it! Best of all, they clip right onto our Muse Tote, a stroller or even your belt loop! 


Make your Comp even more personalized with the MC Studio Letter Pins.  Each letter is unique in design and color. The best part is, you can move them from Covers to Straps, Canvas to Carriers - whatever you like! 

PICK IT and PIN IT baby...

Gift Cards

Now Offering COMP CO. Gift Cards!

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