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Canvas Base Insert...

Canvas Base

The Canvas Base is the HUB of your day to day. She’s the perfect balance of utility and beauty - workin’ hard but LOOKS like she’s hardly workin’.


Comp Straps hold whatever you're packing with casual sophistication.  When you're ready for a new Comp, they can change out in seconds.

Save 15% when you bundle 2 items (Straps & Covers only). 


Our Comp Covers are 100% water-repellent nylon and easily swappable. They're your perfect companion for rain or shine, bringing fun and function together.

Save 15% when you bundle 2 items (Straps & Covers only). 

Summer Brights

Kick into Summer mode with these bold, energetic pops!

California Dreamin'

Inspired by the fresh ocean air and those sunny California beaches...

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