Build Your Bag Piece by Piece.

The Muse Tote

Muse Canvas Base is where all the magic happens.  This bag's sole mission is to keep you organized and sane while you go about your busy day.

Muse Tote Straps

The Muse Straps hook to "tunnels" on the interior of the Muse Canvas Insert. Adjust the straps from hand held to shoulder length by simply switching the hook to a different "tunnel" height! Designed to quickly adapt to your changing needs!

Muse Tote Covers

The Muse Covers are light weight, durable and quite versatile. Their cinch top allows you to stuff and cinch without having to fight a zipper closure AND it's great for protection from rain & snow!  For the lighter load days, release the cinch and the top lays flat inside the tote.

The Curator Crossbody

Our Curator Crossbody is made for those hands-free moments in your life! It keeps things tidy and easily accessible - giving you versatility and organization on the go...


Tired of all the little homeless odds and ends that wind up in the bottom of your bag? Carriers to the rescue!! They hold lipsticks, tampons, wires, doggy bags, you name it! Best of all, they clip right onto your bag, a stroller or even your belt loop! 

Creative Sidekicks

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