How a "WHAT THE HELL" moment turn into a problem, into a solution, into a business...this is my story.

I'm a full time working mom of three trying to get out the door in the morning. Kids or not, you know how painful the morning routine can be - waking, dressing, brushing, eating, all while thinking through your massive "to do" list for the day.

While wrapping up the last 2 minutes I have, I realize I forgot to change my bag to go with my outfit. I grab my stuff from Bag A and dump into Bag B and dart downstairs. By a stroke of miracle, I get the crew out the door and on our way.

Here’s the problem: When I finally get to work, I dig in my bag for my door pass and "oh NOOOO", I left it in yesterday's bag.

While stuck outside, pass-less, I started to think - there must be a way to change my bag WITHOUT changing my bag.

I started sketching, sewing and tinkering with ideas...trying to merge all the things I needed in an everyday bag: organization, customization and a clean, modern aesthetic.

After many iterations, I finally designed my new best friend....The Muse Tote.

Now, I can keep all my things right where they are. I simply switch up the look of my bag without the worry of leaving something behind and loving the freedom to mix & match straps and covers to suit my style day after day.

It's quick and easy and I'm on my way.

The Comp Tote is the ultimate GO-TO bag for the modern day multitasker.


colorful. easy. stylish. fun.

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