I'm a clothing designer by trade.  I've always loved functional designs - I geek out on how to make things better - it keeps my mind on point :)

It was during one of my "WHAT THE HELL" moments that I solved my problem and through it, Comp Co. came to be.

This was the scenario:

Full time working mother of three trying to get out the door in the morning. SCARY. Kids or not, you know how painful the morning routine can be - waking, dressing, brushing, feeding, rushing...

Inevitably, while wrapping up the last 2 minutes I have, I realize I forgot to change my bag to go with my outfit. I grab my stuff from Bag A and dump into Bag B and dart downstairs. By a stroke of miracle, I get the crew out the door, in the car and on our way.

Here’s the problem: When I finally get to work I dig into my bag and realize that I have left my office pass in Bag A - (insert EXPLETIVE here).

This same thing happens over and over again with credit cards, lipsticks, chargers, you name it until...I decided to design my way around it.

Here’s my Hack:
The Muse Tote.

Now I keep all my things right where they are. I am able to switch up the look of my bag without actually having to take anything out. And the beauty of it is, I have the freedom to mix and match straps and covers to suit my style for that day. It's quick and easy and I'm on my way.

The Comp Tote is the ultimate GO-TO bag for the modern day multitasker.

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