Midnight Navy Cross Body Strap


Does your day call for a Cross Body buddy? Simply hook this strap to your Modernist Carrier and voila, your Carrier is now a Cross Body!
Great for running around with your essentials hands free - YAS.

Bonus, you can even choose to shorten the strap and wear as a sporty little shoulder bag (I mean...)


The Details

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  • Longest Length Hook to Hook: 50"
  • Shortest Length Hook to Hook: 28"
  • Suggested Length when paired with Modernist Carrier: Approx: 46"


  • Designed and Assembled, proudly, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
  • 100% Durable Nylon
  • Adjustable Length
  • Gold Slider for Adjust-ability and Refined Finish
  • Strong, Lightweight Aluminum Hooks

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