I'm excited to introduce the COMP CO. CREATION PROJECT.  

This is something that I have been dreaming about since I started the biz. 

A big part of my mission with COMP CO.  is to encourage and promote creativity.  I think using creative expression is so important for one's confidence, individuality and happiness. 

So what is the CCP?

I have been collecting remnants, leftovers, bits and pieces all along the production process and have made CREATION PACKS to send to different creatives around the world.



The pictures above show the hides that have been "stamped out" for the Comp C's on your bag and the handles on your straps...these are so inspiring to me - I'm thinking prints and maybe leather netted bag down the line??

Anyhoo, I digress, let's get back to the "PACK" contents...

This pack includes materials that are used to make the COMP TOTE; Canvas, Nylon, Leather, Bungee, Webbing, Trims, etc... This will serve as the artist's "palette"/ starting point.

When then receive the package, it is up to them what they create. It can be ANYTHING...painted, sculpted, sewn, built up, stripped down, whatever they want to create.  The one MUST is that they are INSPIRED by what they make.

Then What?

Their final creation will be featured on this community blog, along with a little Q + A about them, what they do, how they are inspired, etc...They will also be featured on our Instagram and Facebook accounts with a link to their site and pages so you can see more of their work!


Because creation is something fun to see and experience.  There are so many talented people out there that just need a little exposure. There may be great ideas that come out of this project that we can use in our product down the line! Lastly, it is a great way to recycle materials from the factory cutting floor!

After all...one person's trash is another person's treasure!

Can't wait!

xo Shannon




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