So here we are, Comp Co. is Going Live!
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Welcome to Comp Co.!

This our nickname for Composition Company.

What’s with the name?
As a lover of art, music and literature, I have a real appreciation for the importance that composition plays in making anything. It's the common thread throughout all of them and it's where ALL the magic happens.

I thought the name described the soul of what I wanted this brand to be about. Composing elements to bring to life what feels inspiring and unique to you!

Having that bit of creation and ownership is what we want to encourage in everyone that interacts with this brand.

When did this all start?
It’s been years since the conception of the idea. I started sketching, sewing, playing around + building rough prototypes. And then...I had my third child (I love you Bodie :)).  My creative sessions got pushed aside for diapers and bottles BUT once I got a handle on sleep and time, I picked right up where I left off. I plugged away evolving the design, testing and finally developing our first piece, the Comp Tote.

So, here we are...

Comp Co. is finally LIVE!

The vision for the brand is to bring you things that make your life easier and a bit more FUN!

We’re focused on what I consider the NEW Luxury, things that are honest, easy, and optimistic. Style without being over the top and quality goods that spark CREATIVITY in your everyday lives.

A little about the Comp Tote;
This tote bag that allows you to compose its look - daily, weekly or monthly - whatever's most convenient.

Trust me when I say, it’s your new side kick, she’s adaptable, easy and quite nice looking ;)

I'm so excited to finally get out there - hear your feedback and your experiences and sharing ideas on how you #comptoit!

We'll keep refreshing our offering and delighting you with new options to add to your collection.

Thanks for all your support and love throughout this first phase.



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