“What the Hell?”, this sentiment creeps into my thoughts multiple times a day.
Funny how that phrase can hold a negative or positive connotation…

As a small business during a time when the world has seemingly been put on hold…thoughts are racing furiously through my head day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute.  Things like, What the hell?, is this virus going to be the thing that take us out? Are we going to make it?, Is it worth it? Is anyone going to buy anymore? This also comes with an onslaught of guilt for even considering these questions when others are risking their health working public service jobs and still others loosing their lives. It’s like a whirlwind of thoughts at all times.

But here’s what caught up with me recently when I was able to get to a clearer head space.

Though I don’t know what the future holds (I never really did, but it seems somehow even more questionable at this time) - I do have say, when I take a moment to reflect on the business and this past year, I am proud.

I am proud of what we have built and I am excited for what’s to come.

I find myself, as I'm sure many are, growing into a new mindset.  We are transforming and hopefully re-prioritizing.  Reestablishing what’s important and redefining what we stand for.

When I come out of this, I am coming with a clearer focus and a clearer mission for Composition Co.

I wanted to share a few thoughts with you about the business.  Some of these were building blocks upon which I started out and some are ideas and practices I feel stronger about since this Quarantine has given me so much time to think.

So here they are:

I. I am proud to stand for Iconic Design.  
We aren’t an “over the top” or “in your face” kinda brand.  We stand for clean and classic with a twist of fun.

2.  We stand for Utility.
Life is too complicated to deal with un-useful things. We make items with purpose. Design smart, meaningful details that make your hectic life a little bit easier.

3.  We stand for Quality.
These bags are designed to be sturdy and reliable.
They are made with industrial grade canvas, nylon and thread. You can be sure they will withstand your day to day wear and tear. We believe your purchases should hold their value, period.

4.  We are proud that our accessories are MADE IN THE USA.  We are supporting one of the few domestic factories in existence.  They too are a local business, rich with knowledge and integrity, making great product and paying fair wages to their workers

5.  We stand for Small Batch production. Any of our new product is made in small quantities so we can test the customer demand.  We want to avoid wasting time, energy, money and materials associated with overproduction. Simply put, if an item does well, we make more! If it doesn’t, we move on.

6.  We stand for Creativity.  It keeps the mind sharp and the possibilities endless.   We asked our partners at the factory to hold any excess or leftover materials and return to us for future use.  We have up-cycled remnants through our Comp Co-Create program and we have plans to make one of a kind items with these materials to sell on our site (more to come!).

7.  Lastly, it brings me great joy, that the entire concept of our MUSE tote has a sustainable lifestyle in mind. It centers around 1 bag everyday. Swap covers and straps when you want a different look, wash them when they need to get freshened up. The end.  It's more efficient, cleaner and more organized!

I choose to believe there is good that will come out of this “wrinkle in time” we call quarantine.  We will continue to grow, evolve and build around the pillars mentioned above. We look forward to carrying on conversations with you, share thoughts, ideas, comments and combos.

We choose to stay positive.
What the Hell? We can only go up from here, right?

Take Care and Thank you for your support - now more than ever!

xo, Shannon

**Please feel free to reach out with comments or suggestions**



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